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Go head, roll your eyes. But then watch the press conference. How much evidence do we need?
The Obama documents are forgeries. Watch Now.


Margaret Hemenway
Alexandria, Virginia

It is SAD to see journalists trying to spin and rationalize Obama's UNPROVEN claim to be born in Hawaii. Born in Kenya, as prominent Kenyans declared-- including Cabinet Minister James Orengo & Kenya's Ambassador to the U.S., Peter Ogego, Obama would have been born a British subject and failed the "natural born" test.a Did it occur to you that we have a RIGHT to KNOW? I thought journalists supported openness and transparency in government-- and appreciate FOIA, FACA and other "sunshine" laws? Doesn't open-ness and transparency protect us against governmental corruption-- fraud, waste and abuse?

You are simply guessing that the out-of-sequence Obama COLB# means that there were three stacks of certificates but you don't know that (have you asked the hospital for an explanation?)- based on Jerry Corsi's speculation (is there anything else you agree with Corsi about?) Did it occur to you that the out-of-sequence# might also be explained by a separate stack of certificates set aside for a home birth or from another hospital?-- but again, why should we be forced to speculate at all? Does it trouble you that Queens Medical Center was first given out on bkground to reporters-- and then later, Kapi'olani? If there's a hospital record, why do you think there was so much confusion over the alleged birth hospital names? Queens showed up on and I believe Snopes too. TWO hospitals?-- now that is a miraculous birth!

There's no legitimate reason for Obama to hide a long form, "vault" or hospital birth record-- and since Obama claims a birth in a hospital in Hawaii- why can't he produce such a record?-- one that should look very much like the Nordyke twins' certificates? Why haven't you asked him to do so, to end the controversy that he started when he hired lawyers to seal all his records (and threaten citizens with financial sanctions for pursuing the truth in courtrooms across the country)?

Why do you think Kapi'olani Hospital pulled the purported Obama letter (on White House letterhead) off its website (proclaiming his birth there) after a reporter inquiry?-- and why would the hospital recently deny HI Republican State Senator Sam Slom access to that same letter-- can you explain this? Can you tell me why Barack & Michelle surrendered their law licenses??-- do you think that's odd-- have you even asked about this? I think we deserve to know-- do you?

On the SSN#-- why don't you contact retired Air Force officer Colonel Greg Hollister about the Social Security Administration's informing him that Obama's SSN# (the same one on Obama's Selective Service registration) was "never issued." If it was never issued, James-- is there a problem w/ Obama's Selective Service registration? COL Hollister hasn't been prosecuted (yet)-- but he accessed the Social Security Administration's employee verification system using Obama's SSN#- and is claiming whistleblower protection (and duly notified his Congressman of his actions-- and asked that his correspondence be transmitted to the FBI and the House GROC (where I used to work yrs ago as a professional committee staffer).

I know it's hard to go against your peer group, James-- but you you can do better than speculate. Bush's DUI record was leaked on the eve of the 2000 election-- his Guard records were a major news story-- and Linda Tripp's personnel file was leaked during the Clinton era (inc. a juvenile arrest)-- and I didn't hear your liberal media cohorts arguing that her Privacy rights should have been protected- she paid a price for her sage advice to Monica to "save the dress." We need to know if the sitting president concealed his records because he was born in Kenya-- as the Kenyans claim-- and I won't stoop to calling you or other journalists "racists" for ignoring statements by the Kenyans (especially when there is not a single eyewitness to Barack Obama's alleged birth on Oahu). But you need to do your job as a professional, objective, journalist- probe, ask questions-- and ignore peer pressure. We're only asking for the one record to prove that Obama's LEGALLY serving in conformance with the Constitution (long form birth certificate-- and after years of concealment and obfuscation (many in the media lied and said the COLB was an original birth certificate), a forensics test would be in order)-- the disputed SSN# may shed light on this controversy too- I would hope you would agree that American citizens deserve to know-- and should have known back in 2008 about Obama's "natural born" status-- when the liberal media instead was hounding Senator McCain about his "natural born" credentials (which were NEVER in question because both of his parents were US citizens.)