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Go head, roll your eyes. But then watch the press conference. How much evidence do we need?
The Obama documents are forgeries. Watch Now.

Linda Jordan Joins Us


Read Linda's Press Releases and Affidavit

pdf Justice Sanders Press release Feb 5 2013 .

pdf FINAL Affidavit In Support Of Motion To Show Cause Filed August 27

pdf Seattle Homemaker Fined Press Release for 1-28-13

Monday, Feb 11, 2013, 3p ET: Linda Jordan Joins Us. Put it on your calendar now.

Who is Linda? She is a Seattle Homemaker Fined $13,000 For Asking To See Obama's ID. And She Has A Lot to Say That You Need to Hear.

Go to America's Web Radio ( at 3p ET Monday, Feb 11, and click on the player to listen.  Check out AWR's New Android App:

On January 10, 2013 the Washington State Supreme Court fined Linda Jordan almost $13,000 because she legally challenged Barack Obama's use of forged identity documents: A fake birth certificate and phony Social Security Number. Jordan wanted the original records to be produced for comparison. Why did Jordan want to see Obama’s real ID?

  • The Maricopa County Sheriff Department has presented credible evidence that the birth certificate Barack Obama posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 was forged. (Maricopa County Sheriff Department 602.876.1801)
  • Jordan’s own research confirmed that Hawaii law requires signatures on birth certificates to be in permanent ink. The signature of Obama’s mother, on his purported 1961 birth certificate, is partly ink and partly a computer created signature. This compilation means the signature was forged.
  • Ohio Private Investigator Susan Daniels has confirmed that the Social Security Number Obama is using was previously issued to someone else. SSN’s are NEVER re-issued.

Obama used this fake ID to prove he was eligible to be President. It got him on the ballot and into the White House. This is fraud in the least, treason at worst.

"I filed the lawsuit because I fear for America's future. A serious crime has been committed right in front of us and federal agents turned a blind eye to it. There is substantial evidence that Barack Obama is using fraudulent identity documents. The court ignored this evidence and sanctioned me with almost $13,000 in fines for exercising my right to request an evidentiary hearing. They labeled my concerns "frivolous". Surely Americans have the right to confirm if Obama used fake ID to gain access to the White House." Linda Jordan

I am a homemaker from Washington State. An ordinary woman, married for 34 years, raised three children. I am not sure how to continue this battle but will explore all options. I urge you to do the same. Ordinary is the new brave. Truth is the new hate speech. America needs you. Have courage, be brave, and then do whatever you can.

// Linda Jordan

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