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Go head, roll your eyes. But then watch the press conference. How much evidence do we need?
The Obama documents are forgeries. Watch Now.

July 4th Message from TLAF

  Terry's Recommended Reading
  Why should you contribute to the Trust? Because Terry has put a huge amount of personal money into this case and now has lost everything. His actions, and future actions continue to keep this critical issue. of Obama's constitutional eligibility in the public square. Click here to contribute.


As we approach this July 4 weekend we are calling on all citizens to take some time to read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and to pray for our great nation.

7-4-2011_10-15-22_AMClick here to watch Terry's Q&A Video in which he answers many questions concerning his decision and responds to his critics.
Listen to Terry's Interview at the World War II Monument on June 28, 2011, with John Sipos

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Click here for an MP3 of this interview.

Listen to John Sipos' full interview with the south Florida Honor Flight participants. John traveled with 60 WWII veterans from Florida to Washington and interviews some of these great men and women who provided such an extraordinary service to our country.

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Click here for an MP3 of this interview.

Be sure to visit the Honor Flight website for more info about this great program:

Watch Brooks & Dunn - Only In America
#1 Rated Country Song about the USA

Thoughts from Terry Concerning the 4th of July and a Challenge to Our Nation

Terry forwarded some thoughts to us concerning the July 4, 2011 celebration and his reflections concerning the state of our country. We've included excerpts below:

As I unfurled my modest nylon flag to post on the house, I have been noticing it does not seem as clean and crisp, appearing much drabber than it once was. Is it old? Is it the heat and humidity? It is a fairly new nylon flag. The mornings are usually still chilly and far from muggy. Even the neighbor's flag, several houses down perched upon a beautiful 30 ft white pole seems a little limp and the occasional strong gusts bring about a hollow dull clang of the hardware, where once I recall a proud clanging.

My thoughts are that my small flag, feels the looming morass of difficulty that our country seems to continue to plunge headstrong into with many informed people knowing the outcome will likely be dire, not the promised utopia and free country as we knew in our generation.

I hope to pass this flag on to one of my sons. Yet I know find myself thinking about the story that I will pass to him with the flag. Not that I have been diligently flying it most every day for years and years, but perhaps more of a story that it was flying when our country respected God, Family, Country and its laws. A time when laws applied to everyone and the Executive branch enforced them equally, the Courts interpreted the laws equally and fairly, and our elected representatives represented us.

As we near July 4th, Independence Day, the birth of our Country, perhaps the flag will perk up and be the clean crisp snapping-in-the-wind-flag that I love to see. Perhaps the flag, or especially the people and our representatives of our Country, will feel much like this is the birth of a new year for our Country and treat it like New Years. Maybe there will be resolutions made and kept. Not the resolutions we all do January 1st that are mostly for personal gain of vanity, but perhaps real resolutions? Perhaps the re-dedication to God instead of the constant edging God out,· the re-dedication to the Family, instead of the blurring and confusing message of what a family is and who can best raise children.

Perhaps the branches of government will truly realize they have limited duties. The Courts will not legislate and they will not use excuses that "political" concerns are outside their purview. Perhaps our representative will represent the best things based upon our Constitution for the Country and not for what is best for their re-election. Perhaps our Executive Branch will follow the law and enforce them, not the reverse of making more laws and regulations not enforcing the ones we have.

All personal thoughts, that I think many others hold too.

As I look again at my almost dreary flag and hear the hollow clang down the street, I am making my own "New Year's resolution" for our Country. I will continue to write and call our representatives and let them know how I want our great Country to be represented, judged and laws enforced fairly for all. They need to be held accountable to those they represent or they need to go. I will continue to seek God, truth and justice and educate others. I will tolerate and enjoy other views, but not at the cost of giving up my rights granted by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I will continue to teach my children the Bill of Rights and how special they are. I will teach them the hope of maintaining our great Country and all its opportunities lies with adhering to the Constitution, its Christian foundation and morality, and its fair application to all.

A crisp snap from the flag in the wind, a sharp clang from the flag pole down the street, a couple of quickening heart beats of hope, and nice little promising rainbow in the dewy mist near the grass makes for a nice start to the July 4th weekend.


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