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Go head, roll your eyes. But then watch the press conference. How much evidence do we need?
The Obama documents are forgeries. Watch Now.


We interview Jack Cashill who will give us some insight into the book and his discussions with Terry Lakin.

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Supporters began asking Terry to write his story a few months after his initial decision. Initially Terry and his team had no idea where the story would end.

  • Would discovery allow an answer to be forthcoming?
  • Would Terry return to service?
  • What would happen if it actually went to a court martial?
  • When would punishment be rendered if his court martial failed?
  • What would his punishment be?
  • Would he be able to work as a doctor?
  • What about his family?

These questions and many more came from thousands of supporters from every state and many countries. This included people from all walks of life: retirees, housewives, husbands, retired military, active military, politicians, and public officials, and many more.

In addition, the handful of Terry's detractors have been dwarfed by the mountain of supporters. Not all agree with his methods, but none have faulted his commitment to the Constitution, the Truth, and his oath as an officer in the US Army. Having been required repeatedly to provide confirmation his birth, he simply wanted the same from Obama, the man who's name appeared on his orders ("By order of the President") and who was asking Terry to put himself in harm's way. Why couldn't Obama provide the same, simple proof? Actually, why should Terry even have had to take this extreme step to compel Obama to do so?

And of course it did flow through to a court martial and a conviction which lead to five months in prison which has become a life-changing experience for Terry and a story that must be told.

And told it will be.

Jack Cashill, author of numerous books offered to assist Terry in telling his story and has been gathering facts and background information on a daily basis. You can read more about Jack at his partner profile (click here to read his profile). In addition, David Mercaldo, a New York based author will be interviewing and writing the supporter vignettes. You can learn more about David at his website (

The book will be titled, "OFFICER'S OATH."

The book will have the following key sections:

  • Preface and Introduction
  • Terry's story from his early years and his path to the decision and beyond.
  • 18 or more vignettes of key individuals who have supported and assisted Terry in his decison.
  • 6 more essays on issues relative to Terry's decision.
  • The art, news, and humor of the eligibility issue.
  • General supporting resources.

Overall it will be a unique book and an engaging story.· Having read the first eight chapters we can confirm it will be of great interest to supporters, detractors, and those who may have had little contact with the issues for which Terry has stood.

pc_logoThe book will be privately published by Paperclip Press ( on Terry's behalf.

The publication date is tentatively set for early September, 2011. It will be available for direct purchase from Paperclip Press and available on Amazon, B&N, Waldenbooks, and others in both print and electronic versions. Reseller accounts will be available at industry standard rates for bulk sales and resale. Please see the contact page at Paperclip Press for instructions. Pre-sales are likely to begin in early August.